Hello Readers!

After a long journey and a long period of soul searching. This Monday I sent in Part 2 AKA THE END of Paris Is Really For Lovers. Now we wait for a little while to hear back from the review.

I am very exited to finally pick up that pen and that paper and get back to work. I am also exited to share all this glamorous news with all of you! I will keep in touch and let you know the happenings of PART 2!

Many Blessings =)




This is a wonderful sight I came across the other day! It is called WISE STAMP! It is a sight to build a Siggy for your email, and websites. Here is what mine looks like! Click on the bottom of my siggy and it will take you to WISE STAMP! Enjoy and Promote Promote Promote!


A bit on why I write.

The dream of becoming a full time Mom along with part time work as a Writer I have come to realize it is easy to do. It is all about how you utilize your time and that there is not much of but it is always there. I at a point in my life where life seems to be way to short and everyone around me is going through some health faze. Getting older has it’s moments but I manage to still beleave I am young at heart and that is what keeps me going….

The funny thing about when people ask me about the book or how do I have the time with both kids around and my hectic life style? Simple…. I take time for me during the day and at night. I take care of what I have to do knowing I do not have to pressure myself into doing anything right away. ZEN MODE I like to call it… It is more about YOU being ready to do what YOU want to do… Everything else is and always will be there. So do what YOU want at that moment and time… If you find yourself with that draining daily task. Take a day ONE DAY to do what YOU want to do… You DO deserve that, sometimes i like to do NOTHING at all =) Soak in a tub after the kids go off to school and make myself a nice fancy breakfast or Lunch… I also walk every morning once they get on the bus. I need to walk because I always have since I was a pioneer of the Brooklyn life style. Living on Long Island everyone drives. I like to Bike ride and walk… I do get things done and I also get to enjoy something I like to do…

For though I am a “Newbie” Writer… I am really not. My book launched out in November 26th 2014…. I have always been writing. And whenever I am? I got that old pen and little pock sized note book! I write as I go. LOL! Its tough but I do it. And that has been going on since 1991! Kicking strong.

I write to destress. I get stressed out easily, some people go to a Gym, I write. I love it and it will never change =)

SO? In all… I bid you a happy weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

Many Blessings =)

Scarlet ❤