Things I found to help me with my writing!

I found a new way to really enjoy my new life as a published Author. I never thought that self promoting would be so easy. It sure is a learning process like everything… But it is fun!

So many people have enjoyed talking to me about how I came up with the Paris and Brooklyn idea for the book. My book cover. Promo cards and business cards. Also I have been complemented on my table display and such.

These things have always been apart of anything I have done in my past life. It comes from dressing mannequins and decorating in the clothing stores. Folding and draping fabric in the fabric stores and organizing and coordinating menus and paperwork in the Catering halls. To my writing skills for the show.

I helped out a few people with some small art projects off the internet like pics and stuff and found that basically you can do the research and create almost anything to come to life.

That is what I enjoy and take pride in any and all projects I do. It can be making up a new promo ad for my book and I will making it look like a million after it is done!

Many Blessings!



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