PRINT PRINT PRINT! That’s what I am talking about!

The book is running through the printer now.
The news has me feeling a lot better knowing it’s almost here in my hands.
All that work paying off and being able to touch it is sending all this passion through my blood!
In a few weeks I will get to hold it and celebrate all the hardship I put into it.

It was 23 years ago when I first wrote the book. I was sitting in my tiny studio in Park Slope Brooklyn at the time looking at the blank white paper resting in the Brothers typewriter. Nervous and feeling challenged.
I looked out onto the quiet night sky from my window and just clicked away at the keys feeling lost and loneliness.
At the time I was just 21 and stupid I was dating this guy for a few months and really loved him. He meant the world to me. He was fresh out of the military and very romantic but what did I know?
He helped me come up with the first couple of chapters in the the book. The romance…

Anyway a bit of history from the book for you all.

Have a great day!


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