Tears behind the smile…

I recently just read a good friend of mines Facebook Wall and saw the pain she is going through.
I could not help but cry! I feel her pain so deeply!
I have been going through some things of my own at home and learned that they needed to stop. The madness needed to stop!
The constant sibling bickering and fighting over posessons such as toys or a marker just had to end!
The youth is way different these days. It has become this passion for screens and buttons!
Never had the thought that would be apart of my children’s upbringing?
I hate it!
I remember buying my kids their first toy! I still have them. Preserved in a plastic keepsake baggy.
I often bring it out to look at it and flashback to when I got them!
That makes me happy!
I may be smiling on the outside but really I am crying on the inside!
How long can I deal with this?
Perhaps I will get back to you when they graduate from high school and have left the nest!


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