From the Authors desk! Updates!

As I start a fresh new week in this beautiful Fall like weather. I am very close to the launching if my book!
I am basking in this high and loving every minute if it!
Life has been a Coney Island Roller Coster for me. This positive change needs to happen!
I have been the role of Mother and Wife and Friend, but I take on this role as Author with a new head!
I have spoken to several residents in my area on Long Island and they are thrilled and proud of me! Said I am a positive insight of this area due to all the negativeness around us! I have never felt so honored in my life and I plan on spreading around to the locals that they CAN do it if they set their minds to it!
I had so much haste to this community because I saw no change or positiveness because no one cared… Now I care because of my children and the other children!
I plan on asking our school district if I can come in and speak about dreams coming true!
It’s going to be tough because I am a shy person to speak in front of crowds!
Now the book news…
I just completed the final proof reading and corrected 27 mistakes! Maybe I was so excited about it but needless to say go over what you write! It is vital!
More news to come soon!!




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