I approach Fall this year with a brand new out look.
My first book for starters will be making it’s debut and praying hard we are new neighbors of our dream house! So many great things happening this fall!

I also left some something lingering about in the Summer air… I don’t like Summer time weather although I enjoyed seeing my kids show off what they learned from last years learning. Man how they both grew this summer! Very proud!!!

But now I go back to that lingering thing I like to call a glitch in the drama department…

What is friendship to you?
Friendship to me is a lot like a marriage, but with restricted areas which is fine with me! You are loyal, devoted to all differences, and loved. I accept hanging out and a good old night out filled with fun! Or a day of shopping or lunch or even a cup of coffee at the local diner or coffee house.

Good times call for less gossip and good chat!…
I often find myself faced with good chat! Yes please vent away but know the difference between talking about someone and stabbing them in the back…

For instance simple chat…
“I saw Marge the other day. She like great! She shead like 50 pounds… I wish I could do that!… She got me this snazzy bracelet for my birthday!”

For instance Backstabbing chat…
“I saw Marge the other day… The cow lost a ton! Ugh! Why can’t I loose weight! I hater her, but I look at the nice bracelet she gave me for my Birthday!”
… Get it?

That is what I have come across lately! And I am so tired of it… I prefure friends I can actually count on one hand. The people I hung out lately I would have out with 5 of them! Those are what good friends should be like!

So in with the new and out with the old!!! I love Fall cleaning!!!
©Copyright 2014 Scarlet Cassadine


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