The truth in this!


There was so much I loved about growing up as a teen in the 80s!
All the bands I got to see that are now legendary and all the friends I made from hanging out at the clubs!
For those that know me there is one friend I made and I am all so ever proud of being friends with him. Peter Steele.
Peter was an awesome friend! Very supportive and kind hearted and listened to me and understood my depression. He will forever be my special friend and I will have a place in my heart always for him and his family I grew to know now!
Rip my forever special friend!
Okay moving on…
When I was a teen I was bullied and made fun of because I was different.
I was considered punk gothic at the time. But that was what I liked to see and listen too! Many bands from the Misfits to Carnovore. To my own friends playing live at some Pub or CBGBs or LaMores in Brooklyn throughout the City. That was what made me happy!
Now onto the pic above!..
I found this saying so true as I got towards the end of high school! Soamy people have said this to me back then! It began to bece so true when I entered my 20s.
So I say it to all of you! Even if you are grown and in your 90s!
Do not ever let the break you! You are one of a kind and be who and what you want to be!
After all! Life is very short!
That being said? Dare to Dream!
With much love!
©2014 Scarlet Cassadine


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