Life’s little glitches and what I learned…

I recently was faced with something I like to call a Glitch in my daily life. I cried. I felt that knife dig and gouge my heart out. Then I heard these tiny footsteps behind me. They were of my beautiful children who stood there worried with fear on their faces.
My oldest one asked reaching out to hug me “Is everything okay Ma?”
My eyes felt like they were in a tennis match as I looked back and fourth at both of them.
I mustered up brushing away my tears hugging them both feeling better. All I could say was “Now I am… Now I am okay. I love you guys so much!”
Needles to say we went on throughout the day with this Glitch hanging over my head on a positive note.
This Glitch proved to me that no matter what life spews at me. I never alone.
I am thanking the Goddesses above for allowing these Glitches to enter my world. I am also greatful for the Teflon shield I have surrounding my world because nothing or any glitches can ever bring me down…
©Scarlet Cassadine aka Floella Allen-Wimpelberg 2014


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