I am a very happy camper! Here are some updates that are going on for the book =) The Contact is signed and it is now in the hands of the layout department. I wait for the next steps…

The networking and making friends of all kinds has been a remarkable out turn into an array of fun events! I have not met only readers, writers, band members but fantastic artists and mothers that I happen to inspire! I blush at times because I am not one to have a swelled head or be put on the spot light of “Glitz and Glam” I am more the behind the scenes artist. Laid back and never flashy. 

I am that gal sitting in the Cafe in the corner sipping her iced coffee or Tea looking over her huge goggled shaped Jackie O shade. Dressed in my torn jeans and black or Purple top. Yea that one with the Eiffel tower charm around her neck thinking and day dreaming that she is in one of the French Cafe’s down by the tower.

I am now in the mood for more writing. I wonder why? I have to question the times ahead. I am stepping into a a world of vase change in the blink of an eye. I am very nervous and can I be apart of this “Authors” world? What is it like to be one? What is it like to climb out of my skin I have know for 44 years? Screw that… I am going to be me. Me who is a mother, wife, BFF and who never pretends to be anything less then me. 😉

Copyright 2014 Scarlet Cassadine



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