Still waiting to hear back from the Publishing Company… OR…


Still waiting to hear back from this Publishing Company. I contacted them twice and called leaving a message. I would really like it if they got back. BUT!!! I fished around with some help from a friend for two more and sent out another email today. So that is two… Third one is Amazon, do I dare go to amazon? I just may have too if these two do not get back to me.

One thing I am learning, writing and editing and getting a book cover made is EASY! But finding the Publisher is hard. I am not great at waiting. And understand it is part of getting the book out there. I just will not place this gem in anyone’s hands. My journey is almost over and yet beginning so I will do my yoga and breathing!


On another note! I have been receiving some awesome goodies for luck and support since I mentioned I am getting my book out there. It is not the “goodies” that are important to me (kind of cause they are all Paris related and I love Paris!) BUT! It is that my good friends and family are being so supportive to me! I always valued them both but this time this is very special to me that I have any and all support! My issues of self doubt and insecurities seem to have vanished into the obis somewhere. I am not worried, but I am concerned because I have this new step in my daily life! And it is so beautiful!

Being rejected most of my life I have learned to over see any and all rejections! I am smiling more and not taking the bullshit that is slung at me. I am a positive force and can dish it back tenfold now, and that makes me feel REALLY good inside!

Here is a sample of what I like to call “SMILING A TENFOLD”…

I was in Park Slope Brooklyn over the weekend with my beautiful 9 year daughter Raven Rose AKA Peach. We were visiting my mom and exsploring my old hometown. I was approched by some old people I knew from one of the bars I use to hang at. LMFAO! The looks on their faces were priceless! It was like they were in shock. (Good cause these idiot sticks never changed.) I just smiled and exchanged words about my book and and my family and went on about my way! They were so surprised. They were speechless! Yes I grew up to be one fine Mama and Author! IN YOUR FACE! LOL!

Anyways! Do not ever let anyone think little of you! You are who you are! You are beautiful! And DARE TO DREAM BIG!!!


Copyright 2014 Scarlet Cassadine aka Floella Allen-Wimpelberg


2 thoughts on “Still waiting to hear back from the Publishing Company… OR…

  1. I called again and got through! Someone should call me back soon!… I was a bit upset about it but I know it’s part of the process… I guess? Lol I am okay with this! Also it’s summer time too so I do give people that benefit. 🙂 xo!

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