Contacted the Publishing company and a tiny muse if you may =)

WOW!!!! I am so stoked, and waiting is the killer while I wait to hear back from the Publishing company!

I have a wonderful breathing excersise I am doing throughout this whole process! And not to mention my kids and other job are keeping me calm. I know, “How can kids keep you calm?” Well it is very easy! They keep my spirits high and my heart happy! Without their love and passion I am nothing!

I am an Author now and not only a Mom, Wife, BFF, and just a Jane Doe. I am someone that kept beleaving in my writings and kept beleaving in my dreams and that in itself will tell you that YOU can do anything you want and NEVER GIVE UP!

Beleave in yourself that is VERY important! I say that because when I was young I was bullied and told I would never make it! And then once I came across this one person I use to work for long ago who told me to “Fake it till you make it”! Meaning don’t be a fake person but smile through it all! Smile when you are down and depressed and smile when you are happy. And most of all smile when you are raging mad! It is hard but it worked! And I sometimes break a bit but I am made of Teflon!

Fake it till you make it has helped me through the toughest and hardest times and I was always able to be bounce back! And so can you! 

Good night all! And remember…




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