What NOT to do to an Author or a Writer!

It has come to me tonight as I was discussing some horrific and unfriendly customer service chat with a friend of mine.
We see eye to eye on anything things! And this is one thing I can relate to on many levels.
Weather it is food shopping, clothes shopping or just grabbing that slice of pizza at the local place… There is this this simple thing called Respecting a customer! And YES the customer is always right regardless! On the other end of the counter is the employee who stands tall but with a frown on his/her face maybe that employee did not get enough sleep or had a few too many cocktails with their coworkers the night before or is longing for Mrs. Or Mr. Right to come into the picture. Or maybe has been forced to work double shifts to pay for collage? Regardless… You NEVER be rude and you certainly NEVER give an attitude to the one person that is help paying your salary!
And a word to the wise… Put some fucking big underwears on! And be nice to your customers!
Especially to us Authors or Writers! Cause we are the ones that leave reviews and also may use you in our next books or projects.
😉 sleep well my friends!


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