The 4TH and it’s meaning!

While I sit here today outside in my back yard (BLESSED to have it!) I worked on a few projects. One for the Soap and one for myself. I got to thinking just what July 4th Memories I had as a kid. I was lucky to grow up in a Brownstone in the lavish Park Slope Brooklyn and to be able to sit up on my roof top facing Manhattan Island with a view ANYONE would dye for! We would lug up the mini Weber grill and cooler and Sparklers and sit on chairs and sit and look out at the Fire Works beign displayed in the river! WHAT A VIEW! I remember how my sister and I would look at each other and smile hinting that this was the best thing since a Twinkie!

Back then it truely was because all went silant as people stood there with tears in their eyes at the beauty that was displayed.

When I got older and lived on my own I would take my bike and my dog Missy (The ORIG! Cause I own another dog now named Missy Jr in her loving memorie!) and get the blanket out and sit with a bunch of friends and watch the fire works be shot off in the beautiful Prospect Park! I would look in the eyes to see in anyone would have those tears of joy and one. They were too high from the pot they smoked to notice or to blank. But I had those tears.

Today I hang out with my Husband and two kids and he would be the silly one that had a few fire works up his sleeve! Heehee! He has toned it down tho. So we Grill and watch the kids run around and have a blast and then light up a few fireworks of our own.

Today I am lucky I am not the only that has tears of joy in her eyes. But I have 3 other sets of eyes that I love to share the beauty with me.

That is the true meaning of the 4th to me!

Happy 4TH Everyone! Be safe and cab it if your drinking!



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