I am getting the hang of WordPress slowly!

Getting the hang of this beautiful sight! In a few more week I will be posting some shocking and big news! So stay tuned!
For now I will write some rather entertaining rid bits about myself and my daily life as a soon to be Author and mother and wife and friend exstradnair!
Let me start off by saying I find it comical growing up in the beautiful Park Slope Brooklyn NY and being teased and made fun of by the local kids. Mostly all fakes and wannabes back since I can recall the 80s to the 90s. A lot of posers.
A lot made fun of me due to I had a learning disability and could never spell write when I would go outside and chalk up the sidewalk.
Anyways time went on and my great childhood friend that defended me a lot of the time would sneak out and hang out at all the cool places! Where no one in my hood could ever hang out at or thought of hanging out out! Heehee! It was mums the word until we both got to be 15 years old and go to the Village to score our fake IDs!!!!
Fun times begin and so did the meeting of some really great legendary people came to happening! 1984 my life begin and I became me! I was unstoppable then and I am unstoppable now!
To all the fakers and haters? How do ya like me now? 😉 xo!


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