As things fold into a beautiful place!

As the days get closer and the chapters close from one book to the next, I finding ways to keep the writing flowing. I am also finding my shtick!
I think when and where I grew up had a lot to do with that. My over all independence and grace to to take on the toughest challenges along with my social and work ethics.
One thing I tend to flock to is helping others. My Mother always called “Lucy” from the Peanuts. She even told me one point to go to school and be a shrink! That was a high complement to me. Thanks Ma… But I will stick to my writings. And maybe some day one of my charector’s will be one? You never know!
Now back to what I was saying about finding my shtick!
My plan is to deliver the message of “It is okay to dream and it is okay to be you!”
I came and come across a lot of people who are scared to dream and scared to take a trip to wonder back in the past or to go to that deep place where we are all told it is forbidden!
Ladies and Gents I do not encourage you to do anything that will harm your own selves or relationships! I just encourage you to know that whatever lurks inside you is 100% okay!!! Don’t ever be ashamed of what you feel or what passions you have! We live once!


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