My Bio

*Just who is that lady they call Scarlet Cassadine?*                                     

Ever since I was little, I was told I “dream too much.” Mom, Dad, and my Sister and Ms. Shirley always knew I was going places with my creative mind. These days, I’ve focused my dreams on my books and my family life.

Adopted at the age of 2 and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY, I watched life and lived the “Big” City life. Traveled the South to find my heart and let go of all my past.

I am funky, hip and strong. Also, I’ve been told I’m too sensitive at times. Well, that’s because I have a huge heart and always a natural high and respect for people and animals that have crossed my path. Throughout my 1980s Punk and Gothic “Faze” I made friends both in and out of the music industry such as Peter Steele, The Misfits and The Ramone’s, the list travels on.

*The Family and friends: My two wonderful and beautiful children, Raven Rose and Devin Daniel and husband Daniel, Inspirational to my heart along with all my friends.

*The work life and why I feel so burnt out: It’s been a long journey from the age of 15 to now. I have worked in the top tattoo parlor, greasy spoon joints, local hair salons, fabric and retail shops. From Broadway to the West and Eastside Village, Mary Kay, Origami Owl to that place called the ABC building where I had nightmares. LOL! I am currently publishing my books.

Reading and writing have always been a part of my life. My upbringing and career choices led me where I am today. Follow me into a journey that will leave your heart racing with a beautiful feeling.

Happy reading!

Scarlet Cassadine

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